Unigine Announces A Linux Game Development Competition

Linux is a great operating system but one area where it severely lags behind others (Windows) is games. There are very few open source game engines available for Linux but most of them are generally miles behind those available for Windows.

The Unigine engine is a powerful game engine and it is cross platform – which means that it van run on Linux too. However, because of licensing costs which can even go upto $100,000, Linux game development has not really taken off  in-spite  of it.

Unigine Corp has, however, been always Linux friendly. Their upcoming game OilRush will be released in a few months with a Linux client as well. They want to kickstart the development of Linux games and they are doing it through a Linux game development competition.

This is what Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp. said:

I have been using Linux for over than 10 years now and find it a really great platform with a steadily growing market share on desktops. What we see, however, is though this niche market is open to conquer, it severely lacks high-quality 3D games with up-to-date visuals. We are eager to contribute to filling in the gap and boost up Linux game development.

The competition is open to any team which has developed a 3D game or is working on one and is experienced with Linux software development. The winning team will get a free binary license on Unigine engine for a single project on PC platform (Windows / Linux). Unigine Corp. will give another two teams “huge discounts” for the license.

This is all good news for Linux game development. Let us hope we see some awesome games as a result of this.

You can read more about it here.

[via: Phoronix]

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