Ubuntu Women Project Team is Being Restructured

The Ubuntu Women Team is being restructured and a new election process will be put in place to elect the next leaders This time though, there is not one single leader but three leaders being elected.

Ubuntu-Women is a team functioning under Ubuntu to provide a platform and encouragement for women to contribute to Ubuntu-Linux.

An EC funded study (2006) summarized in the FLOSSpolls indicates that about 1.5% of FLOSS community members are female compared to 28% of proprietary software.

Ubuntu-Women is an attempt to better this picture.

The nomination page has two running contenders: Melissa and Lyz. If you want to run for this nomination, register at this page.

The three elected leaders will span across all activities under the community. The benefits of forming a leadershiop community are:

  • Co-leaders can manage the group effectively and provide more leaders for better handling of the community.
  • Co-leaders can divide the job and give individual attention.
  • Co-leaders can provide more expertise.
  • Co-leaders can give different perspectives on topics and explore more options.

The complete election process is explained in details at this page. Keep following the election process for more updates.

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