A 360-Degree View of Ubuntu TV

What will make Ubuntu TV Tick?

Ubuntu TV is not just another smart TV application developed behind closed doors. It is an open source project encouraging involvement from developers across the world. It offloads the responsibility of creating a smart TV application from OEM manufacturers and puts it in the hand of Canonical. Canonical has a well-defined process for Open Source development, which follows the Ubuntu code of conduct, and this will help streamline operations across the development stages.

The open source nature of this project will attract a huge number of developers, creating a rich technical expertise pool. Moreover, Canonical will handle all hassles of global content agreements. If you are an OEM, with Ubuntu TV, you can enter the Smart TV market with a minimal initial cost. This will not only add value to your business, it will gear you up for the next generation of TV.

Will you buy a Ubuntu TV?

Are you impressed yet? Ubuntu TV also has a rating system placed properly all throughout the UI. This will give them a considerable amount of data on their user choices. This data can be used for recommendations, for organizing content based on viewing habits and content providers can use it to determine the analyze the popularity of various programs.

A centralized viewing system like this integrates many features that are available ad-hoc without any proper providers. Moreover, developers can always add new features, as Ubuntu TV will support applications as well.

You can find all about Ubuntu TV at this page. You can also watch this YouTube video to see how it works.

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