A 360-Degree View of Ubuntu TV

Sharing across devices

Ubuntu TV will allow streaming of content across your devices. With the Ubuntu TV app for Android, iOS and Ubuntu, you can also share media content between your TV and portable devices using Ubuntu One as the syncing platform.

Ubuntu TV for Developers

If you are a developer, this is your chance to get involved in the development of the next-gen TV solution. Ubuntu TV is an open-source project and it is open to contribution from developers.

If you’d like to get involved with the ongoing development of Ubuntu TV, you’ll find yourself welcome and among friends who share a passion for classy entertainment experiences. For more general information on contributing to Ubuntu projects, visit the Ubuntu Wiki.

Code contributions to Ubuntu TV follow the same process as the Unity project.

Ubuntu TV uses the GPL v3 license and relies heavily on Unity 2D for the UX design. The architecture of Ubuntu TV is explained in this diagram. As you can see, the underlying technology is still the same old Ubuntu core, and everything else is built on top of the Ubuntu core. The Ubuntu Core interacts directly with the hardware, directing all developer-focus to application and UX development.

As promised, the code Ubuntu TV is available at the Ubuntu TV Launchpad page. You will need Ubuntu 11.10 for compiling Ubuntu TV.


If you are involved in MythTV or XBMC, Ubuntu TV needs your expertise.

Myth TV and XBMC are popular open-source TV projects, particularly in the Ubuntu community. We’re very pleased to collaborate with members of both communities, enhancing the quality of back-end code that is shared between projects.

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