A 360-Degree View of Ubuntu TV

A 360-Degree View of Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu has unveiled its next technology, which aims at enriching our TV viewing experience. This product competes with the likes of Google TV and Samsung Smart TV, and it is called the Ubuntu TV. If Canonical manages a partnership with the right OEMs, A TV with this application can hit the shelves by the end of this year. You can read about the Ubuntu TV release at this page.

Interesting Features

Ubuntu TV has some interesting features that impressed me.

Cable and Satellite support, online entertainment and program guides

Ubuntu TV will let you integrate your cable or satellite service. There will be an electronic program guide with support for both HD and SD content. Not only this, Ubuntu TV will let online content providers to provide a list of movies, music and TV shows from the Internet.

Enhanced screen support

Enhanced screens allow for an enriched viewing experience. Imagine how amazing it will be to watch the latest episode of your favorite series or event with a live feed from twitter, giving various reactions on the matter.

Suggestions and indexing

Perhaps, the single most important reason for going with Ubuntu TV is the amount of digital data it will have. This will allow for better recommendations and searching.

To simplify and streamline the experience we can prioritise what channels and shows have previously enjoyed, and even make suggestions on what else they might like. Ubuntu TV puts the world’s content at your fingertips in a simple interface.

Moreover, Ubuntu TV will also allow different users. So, your dad is not suggested channels based on your TV viewing habits, because your user account is different from his.

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