Ubuntu Theme Pack – for a Fresh Blue Look

My last Ubuntu theme had survived too long, and it was time I changed it. So, my new theme is a Blue theme and here are the specifications on how you can easily get it too.


Blue Dock
Blue Dock

The wallpaper for this theme  is from Deviantart, and gives a calm and serene look.

Download the wallpaper here : Download Blue Dock

View the Wallpaper Author’s gallery here  : dimage’s gallery



Overgloss is the same theme used in Ubuntu Ultimate.

The theme can me downloaded at this location : Download Overglossed Theme


Blue Swirl
Blue Swirl

The Blue Swirl GDM theme adds effect to your Ubuntu Login screen.

The Blue Swirl GDM theme can me downloaded at this location : Download Blue Swirl GDM Theme

Icon Pack:

Blue Icon
Blue Icon

The Blue Icon pack is the final step to getting a completely blue look for your Ubuntu installation.
Get the Blue Icon Pack here : Blue Icon pack for Ubuntu

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  • thomas

    The link to the wallpaper is wrong, you get a picture that is only 150px × 94px.

  • vijay

    Everything works except that GDM theme in karmic because its gdm mangager is totally new and will not allow to install themes.
    Also, link to the wallpaper is just a link to the thumbnail of the wallpaper.