Ubuntu Shipit is Open, Request Your Free Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx CD Now

Ubuntu has a system of sending live CDs to enthusiastic users who order it online. This time as well, we have Ubuntu 10.04 live CDs shipping for free through Ubuntu Shipit. To order your free copy of the Ubuntu live CD, visit the Shipit homepage.


You have options to choose between the desktop and the server version. You can also check the status of your order at the link given on the homepage. The request link takes you to a page where you need to login and place your order.

The delivery will take up to 10 weeks and if you have a fast internet connection, you should consider downloading your copy instead of ordering a CD.

The release of the final product is only 12 days from now . If you are enthusiastic about it and want to spread the word, you can place a countdown timer on your website. Get the countdown timer here.

38 thoughts on “Ubuntu Shipit is Open, Request Your Free Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx CD Now”

  1. I received previous release CD. I am going to ask for this release too. But the registration process is not working properly. It is showing 500 Internal Error. I hope it soon will be resolved.

  2. Let's hope some sick nerds won't go on ordering multiple copies of Ubuntu even though they can easily download and burn a copy themselves or ask their friends for it. I got a couple of friends who just keep on ordering Ubuntu, Kubuntu without really using it daily or recommending it to anyone because they think "It's free". It's free for them but not Canonical.

  3. i want 3 cd ubuntu….!!!please sent

    lot 10563-k jalan bukit kapar,batu 7,
    meru 42200 klang selangor malaysia

  4. i want ubuntu os cd for educational purpose
    my address is : Dr panjabrao deshmukh colony banasa daryapur dist amravati maharastra india

  5. i requests to you for this ubuntu cd, because i hardly need it.My postal address is below:
    parasara ovesh G.
    At-post sindhavadar
    Pincode 363621

  6. I heard that ubuntu is a wonderful operating system. So I want it to use in my system. kindly send me the C.D.pales

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