From Warty Warthog to Oneiric Ocelot- Seven Years of Ubuntu [Editorial]

From Warty Warthog to Oneiric Ocelot- Seven Years of Ubuntu [Editorial]

What makes Ubuntu Great? The Community of course!

Ubuntu has a wonderful community and this is what makes Ubuntu so lively and exciting. The support for international languages gives Ubuntu a wider audience and a global reach. Free upgrades and free apps are things that just blend into Ubuntu. Ubuntu has something in store for every kind of user- whether you want to run a server, you are interested only in home usage over a PC or you own a netbook. Overall, it is a great solution for your PC operating system and software needs. But this is what makes Ubuntu the product so great. However, the Ubuntu community that works day and night to deliver this killer product is equally awesome!

 What Comes Next?

Ubuntu has plans for the next release, which will be a major release to be supported for a long term. This release needs to fix some long-standing bugs before coming out next year.

The release plans as being discussed are:

October  13th 	   Toolchain Uploaded
November  3rd 	   Developer Summit
December  1st 	   Alpha 1
February  2nd 	   Alpha 2
March     1st 	   Beta 1
March    29th 	   Beta 2
April    19th 	   ReleaseCandidate
April 26th Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

What can we do?

Ubuntu recently graduated to the 15th version- 11.10 codenamed Oneiric Ocelot and has over 20 million users worldwide. You should give  Ubuntu a try  . Optionally, an online demo will give you a quick taste of Ubuntu 11.10.

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