From Warty Warthog to Oneiric Ocelot- Seven Years of Ubuntu [Editorial]

From Warty Warthog to Oneiric Ocelot- Seven Years of Ubuntu [Editorial]

A Debian Fork Gets Better

Ubuntu is really a Debian fork. However, that is only for starters. There are many other things going on along with the Debian fork, like Gnome. Ubuntu is really a combination of many projects if you want to think of it that way. However, what makes Ubuntu awesome is its contribution. Therefore, Ubuntu not just forks projects and works behind closed doors, it contributes back to those projects and makes those contributions very easy to find and relate. In fact, they are so serious about this, that Canonical is working on a version control system of its own, called  bazaar  that will help them maintain Ubuntu.

Some people argued initially that Ubuntu was hurting the Debian project by stealing away talent pool from it. However, they realized sooner that it only complemented Debian and the growth was mutually beneficial for both these projects. The common packaging system adds to the ease of mutual contribution that these sister projects enjoy.

Why the “Naught Nomenclature”?

Ubuntu distros have some funny names. It follows a pattern of “Adjective Animal” and this pattern seems to have arrived from this joke shared on a ferry in Australia,

lifeless: how long before we make a first release?

sabdfl: it would need to be punchy. six months max.

lifeless: six months! thats not a lot of time for polish.

sabdfl: so we’ll have to nickname it the warty warthog release.

That was the name of the first Ubuntu distro and that is where it all started. The first of the Ubuntu mailing lists was named “warthog” and that gave name to the first of the Ubuntu IRC channels.

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