Ubuntu Planning to Remove the Notification Area

Ubuntu has planned to remove the notification area because, according to it, the notification area is ineffective in notifying people about changes. The graphics on the notification area is also buggy and breaks too often. Instead, the notification area will display system status menus and messages. Ubuntu has already asked developers to use other methods of notification like custom status messages and dialog boxes.

Whether this move is for good or for bad, time will tell. Now let us see what the inspiration for this change was. It is Windows! The people at Ubuntu are happy though, seeing that Microsoft leaves no stone unturned to rechristen the area as the Notification Area but people still keep calling it the good old System Tray.

Therefore, we have a +1 in Ubuntu with the fact that it is already called the Notification Area. However, in both Windows and Linux, we see only a few applications use this area as a true Notification Area. The scenario is changing in Windows 7 where many applications are actively using this area but, in Ubuntu, it is a #fail.

The Notification Area will be no more from Ubuntu 11.04. It is an advice to the application developers to integrate their notifications and other messages into one of the menu items instead.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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