Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week announced

Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week is a week of sessions aimed at enabling and inspiring opportunistic developers to write applications that scratch their itches.

The Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer is Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon‘s pet project. The idea behind the project is to enable developers to write quick, scratch-an-itch application and making development on Ubuntu fun and more accessible.

Jono declared Project Awesome Opportunity first on his blog where he explains how to get started using “Ground Control”, an integration of Bazaar with Nautilus file manager by Martin Owens and “Quickly”, a fast way to start developing applications on Ubuntu by Rick Spencer and Didier Roche.

Jono announced Call for Paricipation for Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week yesterday, which will be happening online between 1st and 6th March.

Like Ubuntu Developer Week and Ubuntu Open Week, the Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week will be conducted over IRC on the irc.freenode.net server.

The #ubuntu-classroom will be the channel where the talks be held, with questions being asked on #ubuntu-classroom-chat .

Rick Spencer will be giving two tutorial sessions for absolute Python beginners and Python programmers on the 25th Feb.

The Ubuntu Opportunisitic Developer Week itself will cover topics like :

  • Creating an application from scratch from Quickly
  • Integrated developement workflow with Ground Control
  • Creating stunning interfaces with Cairo
  • Micro-blogging with Gwibber
  • Lernid
  • Create games with Pygames

Lernid, the online tool that Jono Bacon created for connecting to online learning events like Ubuntu Developer Week and Ubuntu Open week can be used for attending Ubuntu   Opportunistic Developer Week as well.

See the full schedule details and jkeep up with more upcoming news on Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week here.