Ubuntu gets an Official App Store

Ubuntu has recently unveiled its official App store at the ongoing Ubuntu Developer’s Summit. Previously codenamed AppCenter the application is now simply known as the Software Store or the Ubuntu Software Store. This Software Store will improve the share and authority of Canonicals as an organization specializing in Linux.

The availability of a properly categorized app store will improve the process of adding applications to an installation as well as drive more users to the Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distro because of the availability of a dedicated software channel.

Software Store

The one thing in the Software Store application which is different from the Application installer or the Package Manager is that with the Software Store application, we will have all the different package management systems like synaptics, gdebi and update manager unified into one single location.

So we can update our packages as well as install applications, all from a single application. This unification will help in the development of a collaborative effort and a unified package management system.

Ubuntu also hopes of linking this app store with launchpad in future. With this, we will have one huge store of open source softwares, probably the world’s largest software repository.

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