Microphone Volume Control Added To Sound Menu Of Ubuntu 11.04

Consistency across different applications is one of the main focus in Ubuntu 11.04. Ubuntu already has a unified sound menu from which users can manage the volume levels of different music players.

However, one thing that has always bugged me was the microphone volume control. Usually when a voice call arrives, say in Skype, users have to manually set the microphone volume level from the Sound Preferences.

This is all set to change in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narhwal though. According to a  Conor Curran of the  Ubuntu Desktop Experience Team, the microphone volume control should be as easily accessible as the speaker volume control. This is very true because more and more people are starting to use VoIP calls.

To address this issue, Ubuntu 11.04 will include a microphone volume slider in the unified sound menu. Using the slider, users can control the volume of their microphones like they do with their speakers. The microphone volume works with popular applications like Skype and Mumble. However, unlike the speaker volume control, it will only be visible when there is a VoIP call.

The looks of the microphone volume slider has not been confirmed yet. However, it will have the same form as shown in the picture on the right – although icons and some details could change.

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