Ubuntu Lucid Lynx UI Freeze, Final Changes in Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu has released the final changelog for its feature list. The features have been decided after months of development and inclusion of varied themes and artwork. The Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx will feature a new light theme which has changed the button placement. This change is a welcome move and has presented a new look to Ubuntu. Not only this, the Ubuntu logo itself has been changed and looks much cleaner with a better font now.

To start with, we have a new light Theme which has a much lighter, cleaner and aesthetically appealing look. The button placement has brought some change to the UI and the engraved design looks beautiful.
The bootsplash theme has also been changed and now it features an even lighter animation.  The color scheme though, is not as good as I expected it to be.
The logo is far better now with a better font and the logo placed on the top right corner.

The new look of Ubuntu will soon appear on the version 10.04.

More details are available at webupd8.

9 thoughts on “Ubuntu Lucid Lynx UI Freeze, Final Changes in Ubuntu 10.04”

  1. Love the screenshots! The light theme is pretty.

    but not happy with the change in the button placements :(

    Chinmoy does it have an option/theme to have the present button placement?

    1. Try Ubuntu Tweak (ubuntu-tweak.com) – its "Window Manager Settings" section allows you to rearrange the button layout so you change it back to how it was in previous versions.

      Note, however, because of how the buttons use rounded 'capsule' images, changing the order between the three buttons could cause it to look somewhat ugly.

  2. one of those really likeable things about Ubuntu was its graphically appealing booting process – right from the 5.x. and earlier. until we've used it ourselves we can't judge productivity on the basis of visuals (though pretty cool).

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