Ubuntu Tries to Do Away with Menus, Enter Heads Up Display, or HUD

I am sure, when Canonical set out to create HUD, they did not just have Ubuntu desktop in mind. It might also want to integrate it into Ubuntu TV for an enhanced user experience.

The area of speech recognition has always been of special interest, but has never been pursued until now. Ubuntu will be the first operating system to have this feature, and John Lea’s vision with HUD, is everyone’s dream of the future.

We want to lead the widening of human-computer interaction bandwidth, and we envision a world where a user speaks to their computer while simultaneously directing focus with a mouse (or other pointer) and sometimes reaching up and touching the screen to directly manipulate an object.

So, about HUD, yay or nay?

Heads Up Display is an innovative feature. It presents a fresh learning curve for all of us, who have been working with menus and CLIs for over a decade now. Clearly, Menus were to go away at some point of time, and perhaps the time is now. The way HUD integrates features from the CLI, back on top of the GUI; I must say I am impressed.

It reminds me of the time Gnome shell came out, and it looked classy, usable and extremely productive. With all the language processing and menu-tricks up its sleeves, Heads Up Display is clearly a winner.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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