Ubuntu Loses the Free CD Program, Download Works Better Anyway

Canonical is pushing one game changing update after another from the last month. First, we heard of the Unity desktop and now, Canonical is ending the free CD program from Shipit. You can still order a CD if you want, but you have to pay for it. Canonical has been providing free CDs to people all over the world until now. However, with advancements in Internet speeds and the penetration of Internet, the free CD program based on snail-mail has lost its need.


Five years of free CD distribution ends with the next release of Ubuntu and this can save Canonical considerable costs of shipping. Moreover, there were people who collected Ubuntu CDs as trophies abused the free shipment system. However, their actual purpose was to make Ubuntu accessible to people with slow Internet connections. Network World announces this as,

All good things must come to an end, including free Ubuntu CDs via Canonical’s ShipIt program. Though a major factor in Ubuntu’s success, Canonical is cutting costs and closing the doors on the free CD program it has sponsored since 2005.

For those using Linux for daily home purposes, Ubuntu is the easiest to use Linux distro and has been forked off to other simpler distros like Mint. Ubuntu is already a winner and it does not need the free CD program it once used to get attention of people. Sun Microsystems also started a free CD program for their OpenSolaris distro and it ended soon.

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