Ubuntu Developer Summit for 11.04 Natty Narwhal Announced

The Ubuntu Fridge website has announced the next Ubuntu Developer Summit, which will be held from 25th to 29th of October this year. The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) marks a gathering of innovative and bright minds who collectively, aim to make Ubuntu better.

The Ubuntu Developer Summit, as explained by  Ubuntu Fridge:

The Ubuntu Developer Summit one of the most important events in the Ubuntu calendar and at it we discuss, debate and design the next version of Ubuntu. We bring together the entire Canonical development team and sponsor a large number of community members across the wide range of areas in which people contribute to Ubuntu. This includes packaging, translations, documentation, testing, LoCo teams and more. UDS is an incredible experience, filled with smart and enthusiastic people, fast paced and exhausting, but incredibly gratifying to be part of the process that builds the next Ubuntu.

The developer summit is for anyone and everyone. If you are a developer, you should attend the summit to have an idea of the future developments and changes to focus your development work around that. Same goes for those who have a business based around Ubuntu. This summit is decisive for the future of Ubuntu and many of the changes and updates that are decided here decide the next course of actions.

If you are confident of your contribution to Ubuntu and want to attend the event but have some  monetary  problems, worry not. The event has provision for sponsoring a number of visitors as well. Apply for a sponsorship before the deadline of 8th of September.

The developer Summit this year; has a new website to promote the events. More details on this can be found at  this page.

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