Ubuntu Based Linux Distributions Worth Trying Out

Ubuntu is no doubt the most popular Linux distribution out there. Although, sometimes you would like to go for something different from the mainstream, you are so much into Ubuntu and are so reluctant to try out another distro. In such a situation, you can try out some other Ubuntu based distributions. That way, you are in for some added support, some modified features and you are still using a lot of Ubuntu.

These are the three Ubuntu distributions I would recommend in such a a situation:

Linux Mint:


Linux Mint is an Ubuntu based distribution with a release cycle in sync with that of Ubuntu. Mint has many browser plugins, media codecs and support for java built in. That gives Mint all the distractions(thats’ what Ubuntu calls it) Ubuntu lacks. Not only this, the Mint desktop is one of a kind and has a very smooth UI. Mint Linux is fully compatible with Ubuntu repositories. With all these features built into an extremely user friendly OS, Mint is my favorite distro second to Ubuntu.



gOS is a Linux distribution with a tight integration with many Google services. The Google services are available as desktop widgets. It uses Enlightenment and Gnome as the default desktop.

Ultimate Edition:


Ubuntu Ultimate edition is a Linux distro with a huge list of Ubuntu applications integrated into it. It supports one click upgrades and has extensive support for many different networking applications like Wifi, Bluetooth etc. It also has many modified visual aspects and a special theme pack.

For more information on Linux Mint visit here.

For more information on gOS visit here.

For more information on Ultimate Edition visit here.

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