Ubuntu 10.10 Will Not Have GNOME-Shell

Ubuntu users who are waiting for GNOME-Shell will have to wait at least till Ubuntu 11.04.

In the Ubuntu Open Week Q&A Session following the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx release, Mark Shuttleworth has announced that GNOME 3’s most hyped feature, the GNOME-Shell is not going to be present in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. They may, however, consider having it by default in Ubuntu 11.04.

GNOME-Shell [Image via Digitizor]

In the Q&A Session, the question regarding the GNOME-Shell was the first question that was asked. Here is the question and Mr. Shuttleworth’s answer:


Will Gnome Shell be in default Maverick? If so, what will happen with Gnome Shell and Compiz? Will Compiz still work by default? If not, will there be an easy way to use Compiz?


The current release schedule puts Gnome Shell out of bounds for Maverick, but it will be packaged and available from universe. We’d encourage people to try it, and it would be great if someone put together a daily build PPA so folks who are very interested could track development and help fix bugs. It’s very interesting work, and there are important new technologies, and lots of things to consider. The more folks use it and think about it, the better our decisions will be for 11.04.

The decision is actually a very sound one. GNOME 3 is scheduled to be released in September 2010, just one month before the Ubuntu 10.10 release. So, that does not give enough time to the Ubuntu developers to work on GNOME-Shell, after all with the changes that Ubuntu has been bringing to the default GNOME interface (left side windows control buttons, windicators etc.), it will take some work to get the new GNOME-Shell interface working with the planned setup.

However, if you want GNOME-Shell, you can install it from the Universe (It is available even Karmic).

You can read the full transcript of the Q&A session  here.

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