Ubuntu 10.10 Now Supports Btrfs

During the Ubuntu Developer Summit – Maverick, words came out that Ubuntu may start offering Btrfs (What is Btrfs? Wikipedia link) support from Maverick. There were some words that it may even be the default file system.

As of now it seems that Ext4 will remain the default file system, but Btrfs support has been added in the latest spin of Ubuntu 10.10. The latest releases of other linux distributions like Fedora, OpenSUSE, MeeGo etc. already supports Btrfs.  Btrfs has many interesting features like snapshot, scalability etc. Fedora 13 even offers a system rollback feature in Btrfs.

In the latest spin of Ubuntu 10.10, the option to use Btrfs is available only with the manual partition and it cannot be used in /boot. This is what Colin Watson wrote in ubuntu-dev announcing the inclusion of Btrfs support:

This is still NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE and MAY EAT YOUR DATA, but we’re making the option available by way of manual partitioning only so that we can experiment with btrfs more easily, contribute fixes to various tools as needed (as we’ve already done with grub2 in order to at least get this minimal level of support in place), and the like, and hopefully to encourage some more people to get involved in its development.

The guys at Phoronix have already done a performance test of Btrfs in comparison with Ext4 in Ubuntu 10.10. In most of the test Btrfs is performing better than Ext4. It is still early days for Btrfs in Ubuntu and it would be safe to say that Btrfs is going to make Ubuntu rock even more.

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