Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Installation Guide

Ubuntu 10.04 is out and it is here to stay for another five years. If you have not downloaded Ubuntu already, you can see this post to choose the best edition suited to your needs and get your hands on a copy.

Although, if you have downloaded your copy of the ISO, it is time to install Ubuntu. This step by step guide will take you through the installation procedure. To start with, get hold of a 4 GB thumb drive and create a boot-able image with Unetbootin. Now, plug the thumb-drive into your USB port and restart the computer.

Set boot device to the USB drive from BIOS options and you are good to go.

Let the live system fire up. Now, click on the install icon on desktop and proceed as shown below.


Select a desired language to install Ubuntu.


Select your region and and time zone.


Select your keyboard layout. You can alternately, detect your keyboard layout if you do not know it already.


Select a partitioning option. Unless you want to format all the hard drive and install Ubuntu afresh, select the last option and proceed.


Select the partition to install Ubuntu into and click on the change button.


Set the formatting options.


Provide account information and sit back and watch.




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  • Thanks for these excellent screen shots! It is explained me more that what i expected!

  • Nice tutorial Chinmoy. :). BTW, Ubuntu 10.04 is really a great OS. I really love it.

    • Thanks.
      I had two problem though. My resolution was not automatically detected as it was supposed to be. The network manager applet has some bug because of which my Tata Photon Whiz was not automatically detected. Otherwise, it was great.
      Are you using it already?

      • hari

        You mention that Tata Photon Whiz was not automatically detected. Did you manage to make it work? I have Tata Photon Plus. It does not seem to work on Ubuntu 10.04.

  • Indian Art

    Very detailed and helpful instructions. The illustrations are very useful.

  • Daniel Sautural

    I downloaded Netbook 10.04 and it takes 15 minutes to start up the program. Now I can't even load the old version of re-mix 9.04. HELP!!

    • Indian Art

      You can get help in Ubuntu Forums, LaunchPad, Linux Questions etc.

      This is not the place and this is way too sketchy to report a problem.

  • Max Popp

    I have a dual boot system — winxp home running from the internal HD, an ubuntu 8.04, running from an external HD. I tried to upgrade the Ubuntu 8.04 via update manager. That failed badly and my Ubuntu 8.04 was corrupted; it no longer boots.

    I want to install Ubuntu 10.04 now in my dual boot system, bypassing the upgrade. I haven’t been very successful with Unetbootin (“frugal install”). The install hangs midway through the process. I tried repartitioning my external HD with Gparted Live first. That didn’t work either. I tried your approach. It stalled as well. At step 4.

    I think I need help now.

  • anil

    My system confg is core2duo intel processor, 160GB HD, 2GB RAM. i am using windows xp2, i want to change my os to ubuntu. but i dont want to format whole system. i want to install it in c drive, i dont want to loose my data in D,E,F Drives. how to do it

    • sunny

      hai anil did u get it….i mean how to format plsss help me…..yar

  • sunny

    my system conifiguration is 1GB ram,320GB hd,DUALCORE,…i am using xp home edition i want to install UBUNTU in my system without formatting all drives…i want to install it in c drive only can any one help me plssssss,,,…..

  • Terry M

    I have two hard drives on my desktop – the C drive has the XP on it, the other is currently empty. I want to install Ubuntu on that. However, at the prepare Disk Space stage it only shows one drive – the current C drive. At what point will it show the second drive and allow me to choose it for the linux install – I don’t want to barge on and end up possibly partitioning my C drive which I want to keep completely for windows

    • Kunal

      open XP…go to Manage by right clicking on My Copmuter..there look for Disk Manager(smth like that) ..allocate the unused space first

  • matt

    would it format everything if i chose to just install them alongside one another and not manually specify the partitions??

  • zachariakassim

    i have installed ubuntu 10.10 in toshiba c660 intel MB laptop, it installed and after i reboot it is not starting it say “ubuntu is running in low graphic mode configure , your screen graphic card and input device setting could not be detected correctly you will need to configure these yourself ” what to do where to configure, xp working allright i have dual boot, i installed inside windows

    boot only in recovery mood after selecting failsafe graph

    erorr report

    errors=remount-ro, commit = 600
    [ 29. 810272 ] ext4 – fs (sda8): remounted .

    sda10 remonted error =ro commit = 0

    • tingudo

      I am making this comment only for those who wish to install ubuntu 10.04LTS with EMC2.
      After I followed all of the above steps(in my case i had disconnected the windows hdd, i was running only external usb hddisk for ubuntu with a live CD to install ubuntu 10.04LTS with EMC2 ), i was not able to install grub2 entirely only on my usb hdd…..everytime i was facing a screen saying :

      GNU GRUB version 1.98

      Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word,
      TAB lists posssible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists
      possible device or file completions.

      So after this i went to http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/ and downloaded and burned Rescatux on a CD and run it with usb hdd (with ubuntu 10.04LTS on it) plugged in…
      A very good screen greets you with menus including repairing grub and updating grub…
      I simply followed them >>removed the Rescatux CD and restarted the system and it easily booted from the only external usb hdd into ubuntu and its working fine…..

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  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Installation Guide.

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