Ubuntu 10.04 LAMP Server Deployed In 5 Minutes [Video]

Just to prove Ubuntu’s ease of use (and to settle some score) dooratthe deployed an Ubuntu 10.04 LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Server in 5 minutes and made a video of the installation. This video just goes to show how easy it is to use Ubuntu even on a server.

In just 5 minutes he did a complete install of Ubuntu 10.04, create a user, select SSH and the LAMP stack for install ¬†options, and fully update the installation, including kernel, then perform a reboot, and a very quick ¬†‘ab’ benchmark against the installed apache.

Click on the image below to watch. (Be warned that it is a huge GIF image.)

For those interested, here are some details. This deployment was done in VirtualBox, with the CD image stored remotely on the storage server, not  locally. Specifications are single cpu, 1G of ram, bridged networking to eth0, and 12M of display memory.

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