TurboHercules Charges IBM With Another Antitrust Complaint

TurboHercules, a French firm dealing in Open Source Mainframe software has filed its antitrust complaint on IBM which is the third one in the line for IBM. ┬áTurboHercules alleges IBM that it ships it’s proprietary Operating System software with its mainframe hardware. This clears out any competition IBM faces from small competitors and makes it the mainframe Enterprise Giant.

Roger Bowler, the chairman of TurboHercules has remarked on this saying,

This conduct prevents TurboHercules from providing its product to mainframe customers desiring an open-source solution.

IBM has responded on this allegation alleging TurboHercules is trying to take advantage of IBM’s hardware and use it as their testing and development ground for their products.

IBM’s statement on this matter goes as,

TurboHercules is an ’emulation’ company that seeks a free ride on IBM’s massive investments in the mainframe by marketing systems that attempt to mimic the functionality of IBM mainframes.

Last year the U.S. Department of Justice had opened an antitrust case against IBM’s dominance in the mainframe market. IBM justifies this as the right to protect the investment they have made int their technologies.
[ Via: PCWorld ]

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