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Live CDs have always been an  USP  (Unique Selling Proposition) for Linux. Since live CDs appeared for the first time, there was a sharp increase in the number of users trying out different Linux flavors, just to get a taste of it. You did not need to install it anywhere on your hard disk and that was awesome.

Ubuntu has taken this flexibility to the next level. This time, the user-experience of Ubuntu 11.10 is available on the web and you can actually try it even before you download any CD or DVD image. The idea of having an online demo of Ubuntu was proposed  in a conversation  that said,

As a result of hearing a lot of my friends complain about their  experiences with Vista I have been pondering ways to make things easy  for them when it comes to test driving Ubuntu. Our live CD is  absolutely amazing, it is not only useful but it is a great test drive  experience. What if we could make things a little MORE easier though,  like provide a live demo of the desktop via the web. I am thinking of  something that can be accessed through a webpage (probably via a  plugin)  that allows the person to interact with the Ubuntu desktop without having to reboot their machine or burn something to a CD. My first question is do we have anything like that already out there that is not  commercial? Also it is important that it is locally run, I want to  customize it and tweak it.

The idea has come to fruition and we have a demo tour of Ubuntu 11.10 that can be  accessed at this page.


Are you impressed with the demo?
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