Thunderbird Becomes Default Email Client In Ubuntu 11.10

During the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Budapest, we reported that Thunderbird is being considered for replacing Evolution as the default email client for Ubuntu 11.10. The development for Ubuntu 11.10, though, started with Evolution as the default client since Thunderbird did not integrate into GNOME as well.

Well, it seems like Thunderbird has been pushed to replace Evolution in the latest daily build. According to the changelogs, noticed by Andrew of WebUpd8, evolution has been removed from desktop-recommends and Thunderbird has been added in its place. This means that in the next daily build of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, Thunderbird will be installed as the default email client.

This will be a welcome change for many users. I personally do not use desktop email clients, but I know many who do and most of them installs Thunderbird. Another advantage of having Thunderbird by default could be familiarity. Thunderbird is widely used in Windows as well. So, when a user switches to Ubuntu, it will be a pleasant experience to find the same application.

However, the change is not yet final. There is still the slight chance that things may not turn out well and developers decides to keep Evolution.

One critical feature that users will miss after the switch to Thunderbird is the calendar. Unlike Evolution, Thunderbird does not have an integrated calendar. However, it is easy to add one using add-on.

Do you want to see Thunderbird finally replacing Evolution? Or do you want think they should keep Evolution?

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Ricky Laishram

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  • Why can’t they use Outlook Express? I think this must have something to do with mafian and illuminati.
    We’ll see. But but. We’ll see what happens. So that’s how it is. We’ll see.

    • David

      Why would you want to use a Microsoft Product on a Linux computer? That doesn’t make any sense, especially one that they made obsolete back in 2005. If you like Outlook Express, try Thunderbird, you will realise what you are missing.

  • wrong title :P

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  • David

    I for one would be glad to see Thunderbird as the default, I can’t use the mail notification appelet in the panel because it is not configured to work with thunderbird. I do not like Evolution, and through the last 3 versions of Ubuntu have kept Thunderbird.

  • Actually, it does not matter… It is easy to install both of the software and try both of them. In minutes, someone is able to compare and choose his/her favor.