SuperGamer: World’s first Dual Layer Live DVD

SuperGamer is the world’s first Dual Layer Live DVD, and is fully focused on games. This Live DVD has some of the world’s most awesome games like Quake 4, UT 2004, Doom 3 and others, packed into a single DVD, ready to use anytime. This marks a major development as no Live DVD has been made on a Dual Layer DVD earlier, that too specially tailored for games only, and etter still on Linux.

This DVD has been built on Linux and has many variants to chose from:

  • Supreme Super Gamer with the world’s first Live DVD.
  • Supreme Super Package with almost all the games the DVD manufacturer had to offer.
  • SuperGamer-VL2 MID-LAPTOP focused specially on Laptops.

This is just a stripped down list. Out of all these, most are available for download at On Disk or through torrents. But, Supreme Super Package is only available for a price. It is not free to download.

The download size , is huge and the torrent download will take a much longer time. The DVD used PCLinuxOS earlier which has been replaced by VectorLinux now. The Live DVD is highly customized and is Linux native. It has a good future as a Live DVD dedicated to Linux games.

The total size of the Live DVD is 7.8 GB, and it is available through the download page at SuperGamer.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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