Super Grub Disk: Must Have Boot Recovery Tool

Super Grub Disk is pretty much the application you would like to keep with you at all times,as it is the most handy boot recovery tool ever. You do not need to enter long frightening commands or perform any additional geeky operations. There are three simple and easy steps to recover your boot menu.

  1. Get the super grub disk ISO here.
  2. Burn it to a CD drive. USB versions are also available, allowing booting from an USB drive.
  3. Boot from the device to get options and the screen below.

From the list shown, select the partition you want to boot into and then Super Grub Disk boots you in.

Super grub disk allows you to boot Windows or Linux, selectively. Not only that, you can also activate inactive partitions with this software as well as hide partitions to secure them. It is also said to help installing Opensolaris and other many operating systems supported on your platform. This software is absolutely free and licensed under the GPL.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

Chinmoy Kanjilal is a FOSS enthusiast and evangelist. He is passionate about Android. Security exploits turn him on and he loves to tinker with computer networks. You can connect with him on Twitter @ckandroid.