Sun Microsystems Announces a Shut-Down of Zembly

Zembly, a web-application to develop other Web 2.0 applications like Facebook Apps, Orkut Apps, RSS widgets and numerous other applications, will be shut down on 30th November, by Sun Microsystems.

The product, which aimed at social application development and was an amazing collaboration platform, never came out of beta. The application was totally browser based and needed a knowledge of JavaScript to create widgets and apps. The apps created by others could be used as a framework and other applications could be built upon the already existing ones. The management of source control and component sharing was left to Zembly, making development as the prime focus.

The letter from the Zembly team says:

We regret to inform you that on November 30th, 2009 we will be suspending this service.

More than three years ago, we started this project with the goal of making it easy to create next-generation Web apps. Our original tagline was “Build the web, using the web,” and the ideas we were incubating around platform-mediated Web applications, Web API mashups, and social programming were brand new.

We learned a lot along the way. Your confidence and enthusiasm helped us improve the project and do amazing things that we never imagined when we began this journey.

Thank you to everyone who’s been with us through the ups and downs. It’s heartening to see that many of the best ideas pioneered in zembly have started to appear elsewhere. With your support, we’re proud to have contributed to the DNA of the Web.

All the best,

— The zembly team

Sun Microsystems had a vision with the launch of Zembly which never delivered.  The project will shut down at the end of this month. Also, any application usingt the Zembly API or the Zembly client library will fail to work as desired, after 30th of November.  Developers are allowed to save all their code and project works in this time.

If you are interested in web-development and have not tried it yet, head over to to give it a last try before it shuts down.

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