The Last Remnants of Will Go Down on June 1

Sun Microsystems is a perfect example of the fact that no matter how big your army of technical expertise is, if you do not know how to do business, your venture is going nowhere.
Even after owning some state-of-the-art software, Sun made a huge mistake of putting them on their own hardware exclusively. This did not work out well and the company came plummeting down. The company has been a favorite amongst OSS enthusiasts as it was in huge support of Open Source, many of its projects being open source themselves. MySQL, Java, Apache Tomcat and OpenSolaris were the four largest projects that Sun gave to the open source community and most of the Internet is riding these waves even today. While most blogs use MySQL because of its low memory footprint, Tomcat is preferred by many corporate services dealing in banking and finance to run their operations. Java is used for its true object-orientation and security in secure web applications.

Even after such expertise and so many achievements, Sun Microsystems made one wrong business move after another. After the dot com bubble burst a decade ago, Sun was badly affected; it had to make desperate survival attempts by shutting down their facilities one after another. Finally, Oracle saved Sun the embarrassment and bought it when it was undergoing prolonged losses. The end of an era was marked, and here is a tribute to the legend.

Those who have been an absolute favorite of the company have regularly visited and will wonder what happens to the website. Well, the domain will be decommissioned on June 1st and the SDN will be moved to the SysAdmin and developer community of the OTN (Oracle Technology Network).

The blogs at the subdomain will be moved to a new location at Oracle. However, two comments on the announcement page tell us more than that.

Oracle willingly saying, “we don’t care” about this history of work that exists in the domain is yet another indication of the sad end of a real legacy of our computing history.

On whether all the blog content will be moved or not, one comment said that many blogs might not make it to their new home at Oracle.

I dont think this is a big deal. Most of the stuff on is obsolete now. I think that you will find that if you legimately pay for support you get more than what you need in oracle metalink and better quality and accuracy than the content on the sun forums anyway.

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