Domain could be Worth as high as $2 Million

The domain name is the property of Oracle now that it owns everything Sun. The deal was closed at  $7.4 billion, a loss making one for both Oracle and Sun. Now, Oracle has nearly completed the process of acquiring all Sun services and products under its own brand, and the last remnants of Sun Microsystems, the website, will go down soon.
However, one question that arises here is what happens to the domain name? The domain is an extremely business specific domain, with a dictionary word and is short and authoritative. At the present scenario, the Sun domain is valued at nearly $2 million and quite a few organizations are speculated to have their eyes on it. This can end up as one of the largest domain biddings ever.

One thing is for sure though, that the domain can go on sale anytime now and it will probably earn Oracle a huge sum. In exclusive talks with PCWorld, Paul Nicks, the Director of domain aftermarket services for GoDaddy remarks, is appealing because it could be used in a number of ways. Solar power companies, companies with ‘sun’ currently in their name, domain name investors or anyone looking to leverage the history behind the name could have a bidding interest.

The domain is the 11th oldest .com domain name still in use and it is surely a golden goose by now in terms of traffic. The domain ends its registration period on 20 March 2012 after which, it will be free of Oracle, for anyone to pick up for a mere $10. However, I am sure, Oracle is definitely going to re-register it and even more so, sell it in a few months’ time.



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