SubDownloader : Must have Ubuntu Software

SubDownloader is a software to better your movie watching experience on Ubuntu Linux. As the name suggests, with SubDownloader we can download subtitles and also share our existing subtitles with other users. Clearly, this is based on a peer to peer technology.


SubDownloader can automatically download subtitles for your video files including VOB, DIVX, MPEG, AVI and other popular formats. Following the KISS ( Keep it simple stupid) principle, SubDownloader provides a clean and uncluttered interface which helps us search for subtitles faster than any other subtitle manager software.

Some of the features of SubDownloader as stated by their website are:

  1. Fast hashing, claims of hashing 27 GB of movies in 7 seconds.
  2. Recursively search folders, keeping you hassle free of any problems due to custom folder structures.
  3. Autodetect languages for subtitles.
  4. Upload entire season subtitles in less than a minute.

SubDownloader, is available for Gentoo, Archinux, Debian based distros and also for Windows and Mac.

To download SubDownloader and know more on the project, visit the SubDownloader homepage.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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