Speed up Ubuntu Linux bootup

Ubuntu has a slow boot time. There are many hogs at work to bring down the boot performance and increase the boot time of Ubuntu. You can check the boot performance by using an application: Bootchart. I had written a post on Bootchart which you can check here.

There are some other options for you to disable applications and services which are not required in general and have a higher load time at bootup.

Two such services are nfs and ntp.

nfs (network file sharing) is a service which lets us mount a disk as a network disk and make it accessible remotely as if it were a local disk. This service is rarely used by regular desktop users and can be disabled, as it checks for network shares during bootup which is a resource heavy process.

NTP(Network Time Protocol) is a service which synchronizes your clock with various servers over the Internet. This service is not required once you have set the time and if you are not running a server yourself.

Disable nfs by editing the file  /etc/rc.config.d/nfsconf, and disable the entry of NFS_SERVER by setting NFS_SERVER=0.

Disable NTP by entering this code into a terminal:

ntp disable

This will disable ntp for the current active interface.

These services, once disabled can speed up the boot time of Ubuntu or any other Linux distro by quite some seconds.

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