Slow Internet Connection and Linux? Use Ziproxy

This is for network administrators.

Ziproxy is a free and open source application for Linux which speeds up the internet connection over a network considerably. Opera, an ever-innovative browser, had started a new turbo feature offering compression of images and text for faster page-loads on the client side, Ziproxy is very similar in usage but is for the Server.

Faster Firefox
Faster Firefox

Many of us use wireless networks at some point of time. For those who are required to manage networks for internet access to a whole organization or institution, resolving a bottleneck here creates another there, and sometimes, you end up serving a connection which just barely works. Ziproxy is a little something to make things better.

Ziproxy, is basically a forwarding http proxy. In addition to that, it also offers :

  1. Image compression(at the cost of quality).
  2. GZip compression of text and html.
  3. Address resolution by a well defined priority.

This increases browsing speeds by at least 100%.
Alternatively, Ziproxy can also be installed on the client to support unsupported image formats, as Ziproxy has options to deliver both JPEG 2000 and JPEG.

A detailed understanding of how the software works is given here.

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful piece of information .Finding worthy softwares for Linux has never been easy for me.This will help many beginners at Linux corner.Good luck.

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