Slackware 13.0 Released with Official 64 bit Port

Slackware is one Linux distro which has not gotten distracted with all the eye candy flying around on  Linux distros and has always tried to keep things simple and serious.


This is precisely the reason Slackware is used for distros like Backtrack, which is a powerful security scanner tool set available as The Backtrack Linux Distro. Very recently, Slackware has released its version 13.0 which includes an improved collection of the X packages.

But the biggest change in the latest version is a new feature: 64 bit support. This ensures  an ongoing development for 32 bit with a net port to the 64 bit, being managed alongside. There are changes in wicd, and new Intel drivers have also been included in this latest release.

A new Intel driver is experimental and is not present at the regular location. Other advancements include an improved KDE version 4.2.4 which is the latest stable version and Xcfe environment and a new package format, the .txz format with a higher compression that the regular .tz format. Apart from KDE and Xcfe, Gnome desktop is also available for Slackware.

This new version of Slackware requires the latest build of the Linux Kernel, version 2.6.22.xx is the minimum requirement.

Get your copy of the latest release here .

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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