Skype for Linux Going to be Open Source

Is Skype for Linux going to be Open Source?


Earlier yesterday, news started spreading of an Open Source UI for Skype. Berkus at the official Skype Blog confirmed this as an attempt to make Skype available for all Linux distros.

An open source UI will help Skype developers focus on the core services of the backend and leave the development of the UI at the hands of enthusiasts at the open source community.

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Development for the Linux version of Skype could not keep pace with the Windows version and opensourcing of the Linux version is seen as a welcome step from the Skype development team.

You can see the Skype blog page on this news here.

The news is a bit confusing as it starts with

an open source version of Linux client

and switches to

an open source UI

which are two totally different things. An open source UI means the VOIP libraries will still be closed source and the backend will still be closed source.

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