Why Was SHOUTCast Radio Removed From the Latest VLC 1.1.0 Release?

VLC 1.1.0 is here with a host of functionalities and feature improvements. It boasts a 40% increase in HD video playback performance and an added support for playing the latest VP8 encoded WebM video format. You can read  this post to know more about the new features in VLC 1.1.0.

Features apart, you will also find something missing in the latest release. One feature which has been pulled back from the latest VLC release is support for the SHOUTCast Radio service. The service is explained as,

SHOUTcast Radio is a web site which provides a directory of radio stations available on the Internet. It provides categorizations of such stations, so it is easier to find one that matches your interest. According to user’s feedback, the integration of such directory inside VLC is one of the best features of the software.

So what happened to the best feature that it is no more there? Apparently, the AOL Corporation is not too happy about the availability of SHOUTCast Radio on VLC and wants it removed.

AOL repeatedly demanded VLC developers of removal of the SHOUTCast Radio or changing the licensing of VLC to a form not compatible with free software. This license forced VLC to bundle the SHOUTCast Radio toolbar along with its installation package. This toolbar is marked as an adware and the VLC developers obviously did not agree.

Taken aback by this change, the developers are urging people to talk to AOL and undo this change. Till that time, they are providing “icecast directory” as an Open Source alternative to SHOUTCast.


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