Sheldon Cooper: Ubuntu User

The Big Bang Theory has become my top favorite series from the time it started. The Big Bang Theory starring a group of four friends, all of whom have unusual habits has been a hit with the student and the geek culture.

The humor is something that only geeks get and that makes them feel special and exclusive.

Well, if you are a Linux fan and you have not noticed, Sheldon Cooper, the self-proclaimed genius and truest nerd on The Big Bang Theory has been seen using Ubuntu.

See for yourself in this video.

(Via: Seilo @ Geeky Ogre)

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • Indian Art

    Not surprising! ;)

  • Cameron

    if you watch the series alot Sheldon spent a night reloading his os's i think the episode when the others went to Vegas… anyway he mentioned Ubuntu there to but did not single it out as his favorite

  • Christine

    The fun part is, if you aren't truly a computer geek – and most of this show's viewers aren't – you don't even have a clue what Sheldon is talking about. I love that hit shows like this do references that are only for, let's say, 20% of the viewers

  • Well, itÅ› obvious that Sheldon is a genius… ;)



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