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Linux has its own advantages. It sure is geeky, it is powerful and now you can even do your bit to help the deteriorating environment. The folks at have devised a number of ways to save power with Linux. The results have been obtained from continued stress-testing on all mobile, desktop and server machines and have been favorable so far. The kernel used for these tests are the 2.6.22 version but they are hoping that the power-saver features will go into the kernel 2.6.23.


The website has a number of tools which will give you some excellent power management options. One major program in this suite is the PowerTOP which checks for programs which are unnecessarily active when your CPU should ideally be idle.

Some of the featured applications included in this list, which will make your computer usage environment friendly are:

  • PowerTOP to check for unnecessary usage of idle CPU times.
  • Tickless Idle, is a feature which did away with the periodic clock tick of the Linux kernel saving power.
  • Processor power management, which allows the Intel microprocessor to use its power management features.
  • ACPI, allowing Linux to take advantage of advanced power interface.
  • QoS, allowing extensive power management keeping in mind the quality of service.
  • Display and graphics power saver.
  • Device and Bus power management.

All these downloads are available at the site and when used, prove to be increasing power efficiency unexpectedly. Do not forget to use this environmental optimization. This is the least we Linux users can do to make the world a better place.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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