Snaps Dimdim, Won’t Update It’s OSS Codebase Anymore

I had a rude awakening this morning, as I sipped my coffee and glanced at my email Inbox. The first thing that caught my was the email from dimdim stating

Dimdim acquired by

That’s neat, I thought. Proceeded to look at the mail contents.

Dimdim email

So, if you have an account on dimdim, you’ll be able to use it till March 15. Beyond that ?

I am interested in upgrading my account or extending my subscription, can I do this?
Account upgrades and renewals are no longer available.

All accounts will be maintained with full functionality until their expiration dates. We will not issue refunds.

The open source code made available by Dimdim remains available on Dimdim will no longer be contributing to this project.

So, dimdim will not extend subscriptions, will no longer maintain the open source codebase, will not give refunds. Great!

Sad to see another great web conference service shutdown.

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