Sabayon Linux CoreCD 5.1 Release

Sabayon Linux CodeCD 5.1 has been released and is available for download at the mirror site. Sabayon is a highly customizable Linux with a regular release of a CoreCD. The CoreCD has minimal features and can be used to create a distro with many additional features and extra software packages.


As earlier, with the release of Sabayon Linux CoreCD version 4.2, this time as well, the CoreCD is a text based release and has no X-Server or Gnome or KDE, basically no desktop environment. So you need to be an advanced user to use Sabayon. The Live CD also supports basic networking capabilities.

The Sabayon CoreCD release is specifically made for advanced users who can tweak the distro to include new packages through the Entropy package manager and create a custom distro. This distro can be tailored to a specific purpose  and can be further shared with other users.

The bootable image file is only around 300 MB in size and can be downloaded and used on a CD as well a thumb drive. For information on how to use the Live CD on a thumb drive, see this page.

For a visual tour of the installation, see this page.

The download can be found here.

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