Russia To Develop Linux-Based OS TO Replace Windows

The Russian government has announced plans to build a government-sponsored operating system to replace Microsoft Windows. This move is aimed at reducing the country’s dependency on the Windows operating system made by US giant Microsoft.

Russian deputy Ilia Ponomarev has said that the operating system will be based on Linux and that the government has already set aside 4.9 million dollars to fund the development. The new operating system is also expected to provide better computer security. The exact details of the OS will be worked out in December.

This is not the first time that a country expressed their desire to build their own Linux-based operating system to stop the reliance on Windows. North Korea have also built their own OS built on Linux.


3 thoughts on “Russia To Develop Linux-Based OS TO Replace Windows”

  1. Did you say the Russian government set aside 4.3 MILLION DOLLARS?? Reminds me of Dr. Evil… “1 MILLION DOLLARS!” Little do the Russians realize that this number is going to have to be multiplied by a 100 to even begin to compete with Windows. Real big investment here Vladamir!

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