Run Live Linux CD In Windows [How To]

The best feature of most of the Linux distributions is that, they let users to try the whole operating system and all applications without installing them locally on the computer. Linux distribution CDs that provide this feature are called Live CD.

To boot a Linux distribution from a Live CD, you have to insert it into the CD drive and reboot your machine.

But usually there is no possibility to save configuration data and files that you work with, when you boot from a Live CD.

For this reson, we will show you how you can run Live Linux CDs inside Windows. MobaLiveCD is a freeware application for Windows Operating systems, that emulates the Linux Live CD inside Windows using Qemu. It offers a quick way of testing a Live CD without having to boot the computer. It takes only two clicks to start a Live CD inside Windows with MobaLiveCD. This freeware requires a Live CD in ISO format on the computer. Here is a list of all Linux Live CD’s.

MobaliveCD interface
MobaliveCD interface

You can download MobaliveCD from here.

The disadvantage with this kind of emulation is that a Linux Live CD cannot be   used inside Windows to determine hardware compatibility. Also emulation of a Live CD inside Windows is slower than booting from a Live CD.