Red Hat Denies Oracle as the Largest Open Source Company

We all know that after acquiring Sun Microsystems, Oracle became the largest open source company around. Red Hat finds this hard to believe and goes to the length of saying that Oracle is not even an open source company.

Paul Cormier, president of products and technologies at Red Hat has claimed that neither Oracle and nor Sun were as involved in open source as Red Hat has been. He goes on to say,

Open is not just seeing the code. Open is also having a community of developers. OpenSolaris is not open. There is no community other than Sun people developing Solaris.

Clearly in the wake of competition, Red Hat is trying to change the very face of open source. Though, whatever Paul  said in that statement is correct commercially even though it  might not match with the ideology of open source.

Every open-source product is incomplete without a dedicated global community. Additionally, finance is not the only thing that is needed to keep open source software alive.

Clearly, implementing open source as a business is not as easy as it may sound. All eyes are set on the management plan Oracle brings in for Java. This will define a lot of changes as Java is currently the most used platform.
(Via: NetworkWorld )

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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  • mike

    Red Hut guy is right. OpenSolaris is not entirely open source, lots of parts are still closed. Fishworks, parts of libc, xsun for SPARC, compiler, and lots of other stuff are all proprietary. You can not compile OpenSolaris completely from source, heck, even Sun compiler is closed.

    Also, there is no non-Sun (now Oracle) contributors for OpenSolaris project. If Oracle walks away and move all OpenSolaris developers to close Solaris 10, nobody would be there to fork and continue development.

    OpenSolaris is developed in closed fashion, behind closed doors, like any other closed source project. Just they happen to release work under open source license.

  • none

    Had you worked in Oracle's open source projects as an external contributor, you'd have seen that only code alone doesn't make a traditional open source project. That's what Red Hat is saying and I agree with them. Right now communities like Glassfish, OpenOffice and OpenSolaris are feeling the pain to be under the "largest open source vendor" in town.

  • I was a fan of Sun Mycrosystem, I still love the company but not as did before. I hope the best for Sun