RedHat Acquires Makara, Cloud Foundations Looks Promising

RedHat has acquired Makara, a cloud based service which will strengthen its position in the cloud services business. Makara has specialized in (platform as a service) PaaS for a long time and its acquisition will add to Red Hat’s expertise in PaaS services, especially in developing Cloud Foundations which was started this year.

Red Hat outlined the acquisition writing,

Customers facing issues in moving applications to the cloud and managing them efficiently can benefit from Makara’s solutions for scaling, rightsizing, rollback and monitoring. By integrating the JBoss Enterprise Middleware infrastructure with Makara’s Cloud Application Platform, Red Hat can offer a more comprehensive PaaS solution that allows organizations to quickly transition their applications to both public and private clouds with minimal modifications.

Cloud Foundations was founded by Red Hat in June this year and this acquisition will be a valuable asset for this new business. Given the rising demands of enterprise cloud solutions, Red Hat is the the proud owner of a complete cloud based solution stack from operating system to middleware and virtualization. What remains, is jumping into the competition and doing some real business.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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