Raspberry Pi Web IDE

The Raspberry Pi has been developed from the ground up with freedom in mind. The amount of flexibility and control it offers over the device is commendable, and while this control is really enjoyed by enthusiasts, it comes with a price— a steep learning curve. The Raspberry Pi runs on Linux and getting started on Raspberry Pi includes getting started on Linux as a mandatory step. However, for those who want to enjoy the Raspberry Pi without these antics, Adafruit, a well-known DIY kit manufacturer has designed a Raspberry Pi web IDE that lets us run programs on the Raspberry Pi.


The implementation of the web IDE is such that there is a web-server that runs on the Raspberry Pi and we can connect to the web-server using a web-browser on our PC. All the code written here is stored on the cloud. While some might argue that this defeats the purpose of buying a Pi in the first place, as it requires a PC to program on, others see this as an important step in overcoming a learning curve. We cannot ignore the fact that this will not work towards making the Raspberry Pi accessible to the poor, though it will definitely work towards improving the adoption of the Raspberry Pi.

The $25 Raspberry Pi computer is specially designed and aimed at providing low cost computing. This initiative by Adafruit can significantly help those new to Raspberry Pi overcome some initial hurdles. Visit Adafruit to take a look at all the awesomeness they have created over the last seven years.

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