PyShare Lets You Easily Share Files Using TwitPic, RapidShare and ImageShack

PyShare is a application for Linux which makes sharing pictures and other files very simple. The current version (0.6.1) of the application supports uploading images to TwitPic and ImageShack and non-image files to RapidShare. After uploading the files, users can copy the URLs to share it with others, directly from the application.


After installation, the application acts as a Nautilus extension and users can right click on the pictures/files and upload it from within Nautilus. The Nautilus menu for PyShare consist of the following:

  • PyShare_GTK – Selecting this will open the PyShare window. From the PyShare window, users can configure PyShare, look at the history etc. Users can also drop files on the PyShare window to upload them as well. Changing the PyShare configuration from this window never worked for me though.
  • sendDesktopScreenshot – The name is fairly self explanatory. On selecting this, PyShare will take a screenshot and upload it to either TwitPic or ImageShack.
  • sendFiles – This will upload the selected files to the appropriate service. If the selected files are images, they will be uploaded to TwitPic or ImageShack. However, non-image files will be uploaded to RapidShare.
  • sendWindowScreenshot – This is somewhat like sendDesktopScreenshot. Instead of uploading screenshot of the desktop, this will only upload screenshot of the selected window.

After using the application for almost a day, I feel that it still has a lot of rough edges. I certainly find the sendFiles function useful. However, for taking and uploading screenshots, I would prefer Shutter to PyShare. Shutter has more features and is more polished. I would certainly welcome support for Flickr and imgur as well.


If you want to install PyShare download it from, extract it and run the file Then install python-pycurl and scrot.

If you prefer to do it from the command like interface, open the Terminal and execute the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pycurl scrot
$ wget
$ tar -xjvf 100952-PyShare0.6.1.tar.bz2
$ cd PyShare0.6.1
$ ./

Now restart Nautilus and you should see PyShare on the right-click menu.

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