Plugin Support Added To Ubuntu Software Center

The Ubuntu Software Center for Maverick just keeps getting and better. Today a new version, Ubuntu Software Center 2.1.5, has just been released. While it does not have much visual change to offer compared to  the earlier versions, it has some new features underneath.

The biggest and most interesting new feature is probably the introduction of plugins support. The plugins support in the Ubuntu Software Center is needed for the OneConf integration which will be introduced in Maverick Meerkat.

OneConf is a rather interesting feature that will be introduced in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. Using OneConf users can save their application related informations with their Ubuntu One account, and can sync that information with other systems if needed.

As I have mentioned above not much has changed in terms of the look. Nonetheless, there are still a few changes. The installation dates for the installed applications are nor indicated below the application name. The application screenshot is also made a bit smaller and you will also notice that the history section is also a bit more organized.

You can see the complete changelog here and, if you want to try it out in Lucid, here is the installation  instructions.

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