PlayOnLinux 3.7 Released

PlayOnLinux is a popular softwares amongst Linux Gamers.

With the release of PlayOnLinux 3.7, we have many changes and improvements in the application UI and features.


Some of these are:

  • PlayOnLinux, now allows us to bring up the right-click context menu by right-clicking on any application which was not possible initially.
  • Icons for applications can be changed pretty much the way it can be done in Windows OS.
  • It now allows stopping applications running under PlayOnLinux all-together at once.
  • A new debugging option has been included which lets us check why an application does not run under PlayOnLinux.
  • Options to choose the wine version to be used has also been included.

[ PlayOnLinux, primarily a wine mod, lets us install Windows games on Linux. It has some extra scripts added to Wine to run Windows Games. The project is still in development and application support is not as wide as Wine. But, it allow us to install and run Windows games inside of the application, provided we have an install CD/DVD for the game. ]

for more information and download of PlayOnLinux 3.7 for Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 9.10 or for you Linux distro, visit this page.

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