Pinguy OS – Another Ubuntu Fork

Update: A 32-bit version of Pinguy OS is now  available. Download link at the end of the article.

Yes there is another fork of Ubuntu in town and it is called Pinguy OS.

Pinguy OS is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and is built to have more eye-candy (CoverGloobus, Gloobus Preview, GNOME Do, Docky) than Ubuntu and to be a little bit more user friendly. For example, .iso files open with Basero Disc Burner and not in Archive Manager as it does in Ubuntu.

Pinguy OS is available only for 64-bit syatems. Unlike Ubuntu, as soon as you finish ¬†installation ¬†you can straight away start listening to music or watch video as all the audio and video codecs are included during the installation. It also comes with Flash and Java. Some minor annoyances in Ubuntu are also fixed in Pinguy OS. These include wireless problems, Gwibber’s Facebook problem and Flash Video in full screen. Even Samba and Upnp are all set up and ready to be used.

Pinguy OS comes with Elementary-Nautilus with plugins to fetch album art from the web. Elementary is the default theme.

All in all Pinguy OS is not much different from Ubuntu. It is based on a stable OS. So it should be stable enough. Its default list of applications also looks very good. It consists of a lot of applications which I usually use (and I am sure that many others too use them).

So, for a complete noob, Pinguy OS may be useful. However, I will not recommend it to anyone over Ubuntu. The problem with Pinguy OS as I see right now is that there is just one person behind it and I do not think only one person can maintain a distro properly. Yes it is based on Ubuntu and you can use the Ubuntu PPAs; but the question is “Will there be new releases like in Ubuntu?” Moreover, most of the changes in Pinguy OS can be done in Ubuntu too very easily. So for now hold on to your Ubuntu installation until Pinguy OS really differentiates itself from Ubuntu.

However, if you are interested, go ahead and download it. If you do try it out, let us know your opinion.

Download Pinguy OS

[source: Ubuntu Geek]

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  • Indian Art

    Ubuntu is so good and so cool, everybody is 'forking' it!

    • Antoni

      And Ubuntu loves debian so much they have been ‘forking’ it as long as they have been in existence.

  • lem

    nice. need to try this one. hopefully my wireless issue is solve with pinguy os

    • Valika

      No, if you happen to have a Broadcom BCM4312 (extremely common in DELLs, for example), no, it will not. Extremely disappointing!

      I don't know why everybody's jumping into conclusions…

  • gman

    I disagree that Pinguy is not much different from Ubuntu. I just found out about Pinguy today and have been using it for a few hours. it is much different than default Ubuntu. I’ve only had to add about one tenth the items I usually do to a standard Ubuntu install. Pinguy makes life much easier. It has a wow factor to attract Windows users. Pinguy may catch on very quick and in a few months could rival Mint. In my opinion Pinguy will climb up the distrowatch charts very fast.

  • The Pinguy OS Team are happy to announce the availability of the Release Candidate 10.10


    I am truly impressed by this OS. In my opinion it triumphs MINT. I love UBUNTU but am tired of the wireless problems that have come up in 10.10. PINGUY is simply beautiful.