Peppermint Ice – A Cloud Focussed Linux Distro

The team behind the Linux distro, Peppermint OS, has come up with another OS called Peppermint Ice. Peppermint Ice is not an update to Peppermint OS; it is another version of Peppermint OS with greater focus on the cloud.

Peppermint OS itself was released only two months ago. It is a fork of Lubuntu and is extremely light. It actually started as an experiment to combine the desktop computing with cloud applications.

With Peppermint Ice, they are aiming to extend the usage of cloud applications than what was done in Peppermint OS. Peppermint Ice will have a Site Specific Browser, called Ice. Ice has been developed by Kendall Weaver, the creator of Peppermint OS, as a means to launch web applications and cloud applications (Software As A Service). Peppermint Ice will also have the Chromium browser as the default browser. They want to take the reliance of Peppermint Ice on the cloud to such an extent that they are considering dropping printer and scanner support in  favor  of Google Cloud Print.

This is what Kendall Weaver said to Distrowatch about Peppermint Ice:

In the near future we’ll be releasing Peppermint Ice.   It will feature Chromium as the default browser and will likely be even more cloud focused as we’ll likely drop printer and scanner support for it and replace more of the default applications with either smaller ones or cloud based alternatives. Once we launch Peppermint Ice we will be working towards bringing integration with Google Cloud Print as the next logical step in development for Ice and all other Peppermint versions. Essentially, we were finding a large group of people who were experimenting with the combo of Peppermint and Chromium and getting great results. We listened to these skilled users of ours on the forum, picked their brains a little, and now we can offer Peppermint Ice as a crowd sourced product.

Peppermint Ice is available for download here -> Download Peppermint Ice.


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